Goytre After School Club

Registered Charity No 1119483, CIW Registered

Including: The "Before School Club at GASC, The "All Day Club at GASC, and The "Holiday Club" at GASC

At Goytre Fawr Community Centre, School Lane, Penperlleni, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, NP4 0AH

This form is intended only for the parents of children who attend Goytre Fawr Primary School.
If this is not the case and you want your child to attend the "All Day Club" or the "Holiday Club" please contact the Club directly.
For all enquiries please email GASC on:enquiries@gasc.org.uk.

This web page is in two parts: The Adult Details and a Contract.
Please complete both parts. Pressing TAB will take you to the next field. A physical signature is not required now, just tick the box. You will be asked to sign the form some time later.
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Adult Details

Please read the notes below and complete the white boxes. * Required fields
Children's Names*
 First Parent or GuardianSecond Parent or GuardianAlternative Adult
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Surname *
Forename *
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Email Address
  By giving GASC your email address you agree to receive information about your bookings, etc by email. Please tick the box if you wish to receive information about fund raising, etc by email.
Voucher Provider

Tick this box to certify that the information given is correct and that I have had permission from the second parent and the alternative adult to include their names and details.

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First Parent

The first parent named above is the person to whom all correspondence is sent and the person who is contacted in the first in an emergency. This is the person who is responsible for paying the fees.

Membership of GASC

The first named parent normally becomes a member of GASC, unless you tell GASC in writing. He or she is entitled to stand for office and vote at the AGM.

Alternative Adult

The alternative adult is someone who can be contacted in an emergency when the parents or guardians cannot be contacted. Ideally it would be someone who lives locally who can look after your child.

Storage of Information

By signing this form you, and the other people named above, agree to the above details being stored on computer systems used by GASC. GASC trustees, management and administration are committed to maintaining the security of any personal data used and stored by the Club. The data will be used primarily for the business of the Club but the overriding ethos will be the protection of the children who attend the Club. The data will not be shared with anyone who is not directly concerned with the welfare of your child, except when legally required.


N.B. It is a CIW requirement that a contract exists between you and GASC. Without such a contract GASC cannot look after your child(ren).


To agree to the contract tick the box at the bottom of the page
and Goytre After School Club (GASC) which includes The “Before School Club” at GASC and The “All Day Club” at GASC and the “Holiday Club” at GASC

Under this agreement GASC will:

  • provide out of school care for your child in a safe and caring environment.
  • discuss your child’s participation in Club activities with you.
  • make the policies of the Club available for inspection at the signing out book.
  • hold an annual general meeting in the first term each year or as soon as possible thereafter and invite all members.
  • be registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and the Care Inspectorate of Wales (CIW).

For my part:

  • I will complete a registration form for myself and my children.
  • The second named adult and alternative adult have given me their permission for their names to be used and stored by GASC.
  • I will complete a booking form for all advance bookings.
  • I will pay the appropriate fee for the bookings I have made, half-termly in advance, unless otherwise agreed with GASC.
  • I will sign the “signing in” form for the Before School Club, the “signing out” form for the After School Club, and both “signing in” and “signing out” forms for the All Day Club and Holiday Club when my child attends the Club.
  • I understand that GASC will not make refunds.
  • I have read, understood and agreed with the paragraphs in the GASC Handbook for Parents, in particular: arrival and collection; health and medicines; refreshments; discipline; fees; refunds; equal opportunities; complaints. Greater detail of these sections are stated in the policies of the Club.
  • I will make myself familiar with the various policies of the Club, available at the signing in/out desk.
  • I understand that the management committee of the Club is elected at the AGM and as the member I am entitled to stand for any post.
  • I will keep GASC informed about any change in my details, especially my mobile telephone number and work number, in case of any emergency.
* Tick this box to agree to the above contract.

A physical signature will be required eventually.
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