Goytre After School Club

Registered Charity No 1119483, CIW Registered

Including: The "Before School Club at GASC, The "All Day Club at GASC, and The "Holiday Club" at GASC
At Goytre Fawr Community Centre, School Lane, Penperlleni, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, NP4 0AH

This form is intended only for the parents of children who attend Goytre Fawr Primary School.

If this is not the case and you want your child to attend the "All Day Club" or the "Holiday Club" please contact the Club directly.

For all enquiries please email GASC on:

This web page is in two parts: The Child Details and a Health & Permissions section

Please complete both parts. Pressing TAB will take you to the next field. A physical signature is not required now, just tick the box. You will be asked to sign the form some time later.


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Child Details


Please read the notes below and complete the white boxes. One child per form. * Required fields

Parent's Name
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Child's Surname
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Child's Forename
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Which clubs will your child probably attend?
Before   After   All Day   Holiday* At least one club must be chosen.
Does the child have any medical conditions that the club should be made aware of?
If YES please give full details below, or on a separate sheet of paper.
If you wish the Club to administer medicines you must give the Club explicit instructions and permission.
Child's Doctor
Surgery Address
Surgery Telephone Number
Ethnicity and Language
Care Inspectorate Wales require GASC to collect information on the ethnicity and language spoken by your child.

Tick this box to certify that the information on this form is correct *

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Storage of Information

By signing this form you agree to the above details being stored on computer systems used by GASC. GASC trustees, management and administration
are committed to maintaining the security of any personal data used and stored by the Club. The data will be used primarily for the business of the Club
but the overriding ethos will be the protection of the children who attend the Club. The data will not be shared with anyone who is not directly concerned
with the welfare of your child, except when legally required.

Health and Permissions

Emergency Consent

I consent to GASC administering any emergency treatment to the child named overleaf, during the running of the Club.
I authorise the Club staff to sign any written form of consent required by the hospital authorities if the delay in getting my signature
is considered by the doctor to endanger my child's health and safety.
Please note that this consent will only be used in extreme circumstances, where we have tried and failed to contact you
and if the doctor treating your child believes that your child's health is seriously threatened.

Do you give your consent?  

Signed (A physical signature will be required eventually)



Condition: Asthma     This is given as an example. Please ignore it if your child does not suffer from asthma.
Treatment: I consent to GASC administering 's inhaler.
Tick this box to give your consent*

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Tick this box to give your consent to GASC giving any treatment required *

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Dietary Conditions

Please tell us about any special dietary requirements that might have.

Photographic Permission

This is required so that GASC can take photographs of activities in which the children participate, the photographs will not be used for
external publicity without your express permission.

Do you give your consent for GASC to photograph your child?  

You will be asked to sign the form at a later date.

Visit Permission

GASC has been given permission to use Goytre Fawr Primary School's playing field on an occasional basis, it may also want to visit Goytre Park.
GASC needs your permission to take your child to the school and the park.

I give my permission for to visit and use Goytre park and Goytre Fawr Primary School's playing field and equipment.

You will be asked to sign the form at a later date.

Is there anything else you feel we ought to know about

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